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Castell stands for a long lineage of shoemakers.


 A united family which started an artisanal workshop in which its members put their mind and spirit into cutting, sewing and assembling the finest menorcan avarcas.

The "Made in Spain" label is the legacy of the country's shoemaking tradition.

In large part, this quality label owes itself to the small island of Minorca, where the shoe industry has a long and dominant history. In fact, at times, it was the only industry on the island. Of all Minorca's footwear manufacturers, Castell has distinguished itself since 1985 by offering a product line which continues to uphold the methods, essence and spirit of the artisan tradition.

Castell Australia brings you an ease of access to the islanders favourite sandal.


From its origins on the boundaries of a rural estate to the numerous presence with wholly owned shops in and out of Menorca, Castell's unadulterated passion for the Mediterranean lifestyle is clearly proven, be it expressed through its avarcas of its flourishing new lines of self designed footwear.

One of the distinguishing features of Castell is fidelity to the craft. Almost thirty years after its founding they still exist much of the manufacturing techniques that have singled out their products over three decades. The technology supports increased production, but in no case replaces the delicate processes that only human hands are able to culminate.



The delicate manufacturing process of Minorca shoes requires demand, professionalism, affection. A procedure that only human hands are able to complete neatly.


Avant-garde designs that respond to trends in the fashion sector. Models that, in their preparation, reflect the preference for quality through their materials and their details.


Everything has a beginning, a starting point that expresses the anxieties and illusions of a family. And this is how the crystal clear water, the white sand and the blue Mediterranean sky discover Menorca.